Developer’s Notes #1 – “It saves php files, not png or jpg!”

This is copied and pasted from the Comic-O-Matic’s developer blog:

“What’s with it saving comics as PHP rather than JPG or PNG?”

I think the file-format for saving is coming from your browser.  Comic-O-Matic is written in PHP code, and creates PNGs. When I right-click, it names the files something like comic.php.png, but I watched someone else do that and their browser saved it as a BMP image… Try just renaming your saved files with the .png extension, and that should work. (Let me know if it doesn’t.)   I am working on setting up permalinks to the comics, and am making a better image-save option (see the Face-O-Matic site for an example).

On Windows or Linux, one generally renames a file by finding it in the file manager, right clicking on the file, and selecting “rename”. Once you do that, backspace out comic.php replace it with comicname.png. On Apple OS X, it looks like you click once, hover the cursor over the file, say a prayer, do a rain dance, wait for the file name to turn blue, and then backspace out comic.php and replace it with comicname.png.

Upset Cat: Did you really just make that joke? Innocent Troll: What do you mean...? Upset Cat: You know damned well that a rain dance is not ncecessary. Happy Troll: Just be glad I didn't make a "right click" joke. Sad Cat: Yeah, cuz that trolling hasn't been done a million times before. Satisfied Troll has nothing to say.

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